How to launch destributed generation in Ukraine

The Kremlin’s shelling of Ukraine’s energy infrastructure has demonstrated its extreme vulnerability to such attacks. We risk entering the winter without the usual power generation. Distributed generation can be a way out of the critical situation. We have to move away from the usual centralized power system. We need to use all the capacities we […]

wind and solar pamels and a high-voltage line - an example of distributed generation

UWEA presented Ukraine at the World Wind Energy Association webinar

Halyna Schmidt, member of the Board of the Ukrainian Wind Energy Association and Vice President of the World Wind Energy Association (WWEA), spoke about the trends in the development of wind energy in Ukraine as part of the webinar “Wind Energy Around the World”, held on April 10. She told about situation si the industry […]

Вітрові генератори в жовтому полі

Amendments to the Customs Code of Ukraine regarding customs clearance of biomethane have been introduced! Law No. 9456 has been adopted!

The Bioenergy Association of Ukraine has prepared a list of what needs to be done next? ❗️ Amendments to the Order of the Ministry of Finance of Ukraine dated 30.05.2012 No. 629 “On Customs Formalities on Pipeline Transport and Power Lines”. ❗️ Amend the Order of the Ministry of Finance of Ukraine dated 20.04.2015 No. […]

Report of the Ukrainian Hydrogen Council for 2023

The Ukrainian Hydrogen Council, co-founder of Global 100% RE Ukraine, has presented its 2023 report. Learn more about the initiatives and achievements of the Ukrainian Hydrogen Council, which demonstrate the team’s unwavering commitment to the development of hydrogen technologies and a green future. In addition, the team has published plans for 2024. The report can […]

The Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine has approved a resolution that expands the possibilities of exporting electricity from renewable energy sources to Europe

The Ministry of Energy of Ukraine continues its efforts to support and develop renewable energy generation. The Cabinet of Ministers approved a resolution drafted by the Ministry of Energy that allows the state-owned enterprise Guaranteed Buyer to sell electricity purchased from renewable energy producers not only on the domestic market but also on the European […]

Construction of a solar power plant on the territory of Myrhorod hospital has begun

The 37.6 kW ground-mounted solar power plant will partially replace the energy received from the grid. The money saved on electricity in the future will be used to upgrade medical equipment. The solar panels for Myrhorod were purchased at the expense of donations from German citizens and donated by the organization Ideen hoch drei e.V. […]

The Verkhovna Rada Committee on Finance, Taxation and Customs Policy recommended the second reading of the Law No. 9456 on customs clearance of biomethane

The Committee members unanimously approved the version of the draft law No. 9456 on amendments to the Customs Code of Ukraine regarding customs clearance of biomethane for the second reading. Most of the proposals made by specialized organizations and companies have been taken into account. Global 100% RE Ukraine sincerely hopes that the draft law […]

2023 was a record year for solar energy

2023 was a record yearThe American Clean Power Association has published its annual Clean Energy Market Report, which emphasizes that 2023 was a landmark year for the U.S. clean energy industry, with more capacity installed than in any previous year. The industry added a total of 33.8 GW of new clean energy projects, up 12.5% […]

Blocked “blue ocean”, or What prevents Ukraine from becoming a major supplier of biomethane to Europe

Ukraine has a significant potential for biomethane production. Taking into account the biomass from cover crops that can be grown on 20% of arable land, the potential for biomethane production in Ukraine is 21.8 billion m³/year. But this is possible only if favorable conditions are created for the development of the industry. Therefore, today there […]

Ukrainian biomethane: what is needed to develop the industry

In February 2023, Ukraine and the EU signed a Memorandum of Strategic Partnership on biomethane, hydrogen and other synthetic gases. According to the Bioenergy Association of Ukraine, Ukrainian producers could cover up to 20% of the EU’s biomethane demand. However, in order to realize these prospects, both Ukraine and the EU must take a number […]

Ukrainian Hydrogen Council participated in the European Conference on Hydrogen Energy

On March 6-8, the European Hydrogen Energy Conference (EHEC), one of the most prominent international events in the hydrogen industry, took place in Bilbao. At the invitation of the Spanish Hydrogen Association, the Ukrainian Hydrogen Council took part in a parallel session entitled “Challenges and opportunities in the hydrogen sector in Europe and Latin America”. […]

Unblocking biomethane exports

Global 100% RE Ukraine, together with the Bioenergy Association of Ukraine and producer companies, is gradually developing a common vision of biomethane export regulation among legislators, business and experts. The adoption of the draft law on amendments to the Customs Code of Ukraine on customs clearance of biomethane No. 9456 is extremely important in the […]


As a reminder, two plants, in which millions of euros have been invested, are still in operation. In addition, the Józefo-Mykolaiv Biogas Company, Teofipol Energy Company, and another project of Hals Agro are close to completing the construction of biomethane plants. Therefore, we ask you to support this important article in Ekonomichna Pravda and the […]

What hinders the export of Ukrainian biomethane?

Today, a press conference on the Ukrainian biomethane market will start at the press center of the Interfax-Ukraine news agency (8/5-A Reitarska St.), titled “What is hindering the export of Ukrainian biomethane?” The following issues will be discussed: the situation with the adoption of the draft law No. 9456 in the second reading; the first […]

Bioenergy Association of Ukraine has renewed its Board of Directors in 2024

Congratulations to the new Board of the Bioenergy Association of Ukraine, which was approved by the general meeting of members: Georgii Geletukha – Director of SEC “Biomass”, Head of the Department of ITTF of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine Oleksandr Dombrovsky – Chairman of the Board of Global 100% RE Ukraine, President of […]

Ukraine and Denmark develop a list of critical technologies for the energy sector

The Ministry of Energy of Ukraine has developed a Catalog of Critical Technologies for the Energy Sector of Ukraine within the framework of the Ukrainian-Danish Energy Partnership. This is a list of technological solutions that can be quickly implemented in Ukraine to support distributed generation and improve the security of electricity supply. The catalog includes […]

Korosten City Council concluded an ESCO agreement for the installation of a solar power plant (SPP) for the water utility

This is the second such agreement in Ukraine – the first one was signed by Chornomorskvodokanal, one of the largest utilities in Odesa region. Korostenvodokanal will receive 12% of green electricity from the 80 kW solar power plant without any capital investment, which will save more than UAH 600 thousand annually. The solar power plant […]

Bioenergy industry is unable to conclude new contracts with GarPok, faces bankruptcy – UABIO Head Georgii Geletukha

Blitz-interview of Georgii Geletukha, Chairman of the Board of the Bioenergy Association of Ukraine, to the Energoreforma energy project of the Interfax-Ukraine news agency on the situation with the emergency renegotiation of contracts with the State Enterprise Guaranteed Buyer to preserve obligations to buy back “green” electricity. Read the full interview

For the first time in human history, a satellite transmitted solar energy from space to Earth

Scientists have made a remarkable engineering and physics achievement: they have successfully transmitted solar energy from a satellite in orbit to a station on Earth. This is the first demonstration of its kind in history and opens up new possibilities for the future of clean and sustainable energy. The experiment was conducted by a team […]

Solar power plants to be installed in two communities of Chernihiv region

Сосницька та Менська громади з Чернігівщини стали переможцями міжнародного проєкту, де встановлять сонячні електростанції. Cонячна електростанція з’явиться на водозаборі у Сосницькій громаді. У Менській громаді панелі розмістять на будівлі міської лікарні. Сонячна електростанція дозволить економити закладу до 50% електроенергії.   На оплату електроенергії у лікарні в рік з місцевого бюджету йде 2,5 мільйони гривень. Після […]