Bioenergy Association of Ukraine is a Member of the European Biogas Association (EBA)

  European Biogas Association (EBA) released its annual statistical report, which presented data on the European biogas market and European biomethane market, as well as a brief review of policy landscape, as relevant for the biogas and biomethane markets respectively.. The steady growth in the number of European biogas plants over the past decade indicates […]

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Analysis of barriers to energy production from agrobiomass in Ukraine, 2019

Analysis of barriers to the production of energy from agribiomass in Ukraine, Geletukha G.G., Zheliezna T.A., Drahniev S.V. – Position Paper No. 21 of Bioenergy Association of Ukraine. Position Paper No. 21 of the Bioenergy Association of Ukraine presents the analysis of existing barriers to the use of agribiomass for energy, and suggests some possible […]

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