Ukraine and Denmark develop a list of critical technologies for the energy sector

The Ministry of Energy of Ukraine has developed a Catalog of Critical Technologies for the Energy Sector of Ukraine within the framework of the Ukrainian-Danish Energy Partnership. This is a list of technological solutions that can be quickly implemented in Ukraine to support distributed generation and improve the security of electricity supply. The catalog includes […]

Korosten City Council concluded an ESCO agreement for the installation of a solar power plant (SPP) for the water utility

This is the second such agreement in Ukraine – the first one was signed by Chornomorskvodokanal, one of the largest utilities in Odesa region. Korostenvodokanal will receive 12% of green electricity from the 80 kW solar power plant without any capital investment, which will save more than UAH 600 thousand annually. The solar power plant […]

Bioenergy industry is unable to conclude new contracts with GarPok, faces bankruptcy – UABIO Head Georgii Geletukha

Blitz-interview of Georgii Geletukha, Chairman of the Board of the Bioenergy Association of Ukraine, to the Energoreforma energy project of the Interfax-Ukraine news agency on the situation with the emergency renegotiation of contracts with the State Enterprise Guaranteed Buyer to preserve obligations to buy back “green” electricity. Read the full interview

For the first time in human history, a satellite transmitted solar energy from space to Earth

Scientists have made a remarkable engineering and physics achievement: they have successfully transmitted solar energy from a satellite in orbit to a station on Earth. This is the first demonstration of its kind in history and opens up new possibilities for the future of clean and sustainable energy. The experiment was conducted by a team […]

Solar power plants to be installed in two communities of Chernihiv region

Сосницька та Менська громади з Чернігівщини стали переможцями міжнародного проєкту, де встановлять сонячні електростанції. Cонячна електростанція з’явиться на водозаборі у Сосницькій громаді. У Менській громаді панелі розмістять на будівлі міської лікарні. Сонячна електростанція дозволить економити закладу до 50% електроенергії.   На оплату електроенергії у лікарні в рік з місцевого бюджету йде 2,5 мільйони гривень. Після […]

FORUM “REBUILDING IN ACTION 2.0” with the participation of UWEA

On February 14, 2024, the international construction exhibition KyivBuild Ukraine hosted a forum-workshop “Reconstruction in Action 2.0”. The participants of this year’s forum were leading Ukrainian and international manufacturers and experts in the construction industry, representatives of state authorities and city governments, national and international non-governmental programs and organizations, in particular, USAID – US Agency […]

Ukrainian Hydrogen Council participated in Energy Week Black Sea 2024

The Ukrainian Hydrogen Council took part in the Black Sea Energy Week 2024 in Bucharest, Romania. “I never get tired of talking about the important role of hydrogen and Ukraine’s advantages for its production,” said Oleksandr Repkin. “Green hydrogen is at the center of our path to a sustainable energy future. Its potential for decarbonizing […]

Ukrainian Hydrogen Council joined the African Hydrogen Partnership

The Ukrainian Hydrogen Council has joined the African Hydrogen Partnership (AHP), becoming the first representative from Eastern Europe to become a member of this prestigious alliance. Dr. Innesent Uwujaren, Director and Chairman of the UWP, congratulated the Ukrainian Water Council and emphasized the importance of international alliances in addressing common challenges. The cooperation between the […]

3Seas Hydrogen Council (3S) officially formalizes cooperation

The agreement, which is the cornerstone document of the Council, carefully outlines the basic principles of the 3S’s work, objectives and organizational structure. It signifies a coordinated effort to develop a strong hydrogen economy in Central Europe and the Baltic States, emphasizing the importance of sustainable energy development and a hydrogen-oriented economic model. The initiative […]

The world’s largest solar energy production and storage project has been launched

Edwards & Sanborn’s solar energy production and storage project in California is fully operational: the 875 MW DC solar photovoltaic system and 3287 MWh battery energy storage system (BESS) are the largest in the world. The Edwards & Sanborn system covers an area of 1.8 square kilometers and is located in Kern County. It consists […]

Solar power plant launched on the roof of Zvyagel city lyceum in Zhytomyr region

In Zvyagel, a solar power plant was launched on the roof of the city lyceum in December 2023. The project cost is UAH 1 million 266 thousand. The 40-kilowatt solar power plant can generate more than 40 thousand kilowatt-hours of electricity.

Solar power plants are planned to be installed in some Cherkasy medical institutions

Cherkasy may attract more than UAH 13 million in private investment to set up several solar power plants. Solar power plants are planned to be installed in three medical institutions: – a children’s hospital – a maternity hospital – and the first polyclinic. Thus, according to preliminary estimates, a 110 kW station for the Mother […]

The first wind turbine of the future wind farm was installed on the border of Lviv and Zakarpattia regions

Friendly Windtechnology LLC has completed the installation of the first wind turbine of the Ostrovsky wind farm, which will be located on the territory of the Nyzhnevoritskaya community on the border of Lviv and Zakarpattia regions. The 4.8 MW wind turbine is 120 meters high and has a 152-meter rotor diameter. The area for the […]

Problems of development of biomethane production and export in Ukraine

On January 25, the Ukrainian Agribusiness Club held a roundtable discussion on “Problems of Biomethane Production and Export Development in Ukraine” to discuss possible solutions to the current problems of biomethane production and export development. This topic is currently urgent for Ukraine, as despite the potential of the biomethane industry, Ukraine still lacks legislative mechanisms […]

Global “green” energy capacity increased by 50%: achieving climate goals is now a reality

Global renewable energy capacity in 2023 grew at the fastest pace in 20 years, putting the world on track to meet the key Cop28 climate target by the end of the decade. Global renewable energy grew by 50% last year to 510 gigawatts (GW) in 2023, the 22nd consecutive year of renewable capacity growth, setting […]

In Europe, wind turbines produced more electricity than coal

In the last quarter of 2023, European electricity producers generated more electricity from wind than coal for the first time, marking a key milestone for regional energy transition efforts. According to Ember, a think tank, European utilities generated a record 193 terawatt hours (TWh) of electricity from wind farms between October and December 2023, compared […]

Ukrnafta installs a solar power plant at a hospital in Lviv region

Ukrnafta filling station and the local authorities of Boryslav, Lviv region, have installed a 30 kW solar power plant on the roof of the city hospital worth almost UAH 2 million. Ukrnafta allocated UAH 1 million to install solar panels on the roof of the hospital, while the rest of the funds – approximately UAH […]

Why can’t Ukrainian biomethane enter the EU?

Read about the obstacles to biomethane in Ukraine and ways to solve the problems of this strategic industry for the country in a new column by Georgii Geletukha, Chairman of the Bioenergy Association of Ukraine, for Ekonomichna Pravda. Link 

Merry Christmas!

This Christmas, let us rejoice in the light around us and carefully nurture the flames of hope within us We are happy to be able to feel united with millions of Ukrainians. May this holiday be a time of returning to traditions, warmth from meetings with loved ones and hope for a better future. We […]

Happy Power Engineer’s Day!

There are not enough words to thank you for your work, which helped our energy system survive last winter and we are sure it will survive now. And we are especially grateful to the green power engineers who, despite the war, continue to develop the renewable energy sector and bring our economy closer to 100% […]