On the 17th of September our ‘green’ platform Global 100% RE Ukraine held its traditional “Green Dialogues“. These “Green Dialogues” were organized together with UBTA (Ukrainian Business & Trade Association). The subject of the discussion was the ‘green’ transformation of agricultural sector. The event was dedicated to the UN Food Sustems Summit that took place on the 23rd of September. A very interesting and informative presentation was made by Mihail Malkov, doctoral student of the Institute of Environmental Economics and Sustainable Development of the
National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine.

In turn, UBTA has launched a global initiative to support the transformation of the food systems at corporate level. This initiative was sent to Summit Secretariat. Along with this initiative, UBTA also provided a document called ‘National Approach to the Transformation of Ukraine’s Food Systems’ which was developed in cooperation with Global 100% RE Ukraine.

Basing on the successful cooperation Global 100% RE Ukraine and UBTA agreed on further coordination and strategic partnership on the issues concerning the green transformation.