In 2019, let’s switch to the Noah’s Ark of Pure Energy!

On the New Year’s eve during the #ReNewYear2019 event in Bessarabian Izmail, Ambassador of Renewable Energy Ruslana turned on a symbolic button to turn on the clean energy and “heal” the system with 100% renewable energy! The mission is called “Go RE100!”, which calls for switching to 100% clean renewable energy sources.

I have never felt such big difference between past and future. This button, that switches your own clean sun or wind energy, made from 100% renewable sources, is actually in your heads. That button, that “turns of” old, allegedly “inexpensive” energy (the cost is – life of our planet, its health and future), must be found and switched!

Let’s find the way to our energy independence and let old technologies go.

Short video at the opening of the show on clean energy you can view below: