3Seas Hydrogen Council (3S) officially formalizes cooperation

The agreement, which is the cornerstone document of the Council, carefully outlines the basic principles of the 3S’s work, objectives and organizational structure. It signifies a coordinated effort to develop a strong hydrogen economy in Central Europe and the Baltic States, emphasizing the importance of sustainable energy development and a hydrogen-oriented economic model.
The initiative is a testament to the collective commitment of the participating countries – Poland, Czech Republic, Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Hungary and Ukraine – to explore and leverage synergies to create a zero-emission economy with hydrogen as a key element.
The creation of 3S was officially announced last year during the H2Poland hydrogen technology forum.
The 3S initiative aims to meet the urgent need for constant dialogue and the formation of a common position, especially within the European Union. The inclusion of Ukrainian organizations in this alliance is particularly important, as it is a significant step towards Ukraine’s integration into the European Community.
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