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April 2024 was the hottest on record

Climate Change

Ukraine really needs a green transition. But the whole world needs it too.

April 2024 was the hottest April on record.

It continued 11-month series during which a temperature record was set every month.

Each month since June 2023 is considered the hottest in the history of observations on the planet compared to the corresponding month in previous years.

The average annual temperature in the world was 1.61 degrees Celsius higher than the average in the pre-industrial period of 1850-1900.

Hayley Fowler, a climate scientist at the University of Newcastle, believes that the world has already failed to meet the 2015 Paris Agreement’s goal of limiting global warming to 1.5 degrees Celsius: “At what point do we say we have lost the battle to keep the temperature below 1.5? My personal view is that we have already lost that battle and we really need to think very seriously about keeping the temperature below 2°C and cutting emissions as quickly as possible.”

In Kyiv, the average monthly temperature in April was 12.8°C, which is 2.8°C above the climate norm. This April was the third warmest in 144 years of record keeping.

The lowest temperature was recorded on the morning of April 20 – -0.2°C. On April 2, the air warmed up to a record high of +26.9°C.

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