Business forum on renewable gases


Dear friends and colleagues!
Today, the Renewable Gas Business Forum is taking place in Vienna, where Global 100% RE Ukraine and the Bioenergy Association of Ukraine are partners of the event.

Members of Global 100% RE Ukraine are participating in the following panels:

Session I – Outlining the situation in Ukraine

Georgii Geletukha, Chairman of the Board of the Bioenergy Association of Ukraine, will give an overview of the biomethane potential in Ukraine, share current developments and plans.

Session II – Business in action: existing projects in Ukraine

Aleksandr Dombrovskyy, Chairman of the Board of Global 100% RE Ukraine, will present MHP Eco Energy’s innovative projects on biomethanation, green H2, decarbonisation and biosynergy integration in Ukraine.

Session III(b) – Business in practice: industry associations
Oleksandr Repkin, Chairman of the Board of the Ukrainian Hydrogen Council, will talk about hydrogen developments in Ukraine – Hydrogen Valley, Hydrogen Corridor and the Cross-Border Hydrogen Project
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