Cooperation between the Ukrainian Hydrogen Council and the Brazilian Green Hydrogen and Ammonia Association

The Ukrainian Hydrogen Council held a meeting with representatives of the Brazilian Green Hydrogen and Ammonia Association to determine the prospects for cooperation in the field of hydrogen energy.

The meeting was attended by Polina Kazakevych, President of the Association, Oleksandr Dyachenko, Vice President of the Association, and experts Maria Popovych and Anastasia Kudria.

Iaroslav Kryl, Director of Hydrogen Ukraine, presented hydrogen valley projects, highlighting the potential for the development of the hydrogen industry in Ukraine.

The Brazilian Green Hydrogen and Ammonia Association was also present: Desiree Pantoja – Director of Legal Affairs, Leandro Borgo – Chairman of the Board, Paulo Surur – Director of Institutional Relations, and Paulo Schicchi – Member of the Board. The participants exchanged ideas and expressed their intention to start cooperation to develop green technologies and create a green future for both countries.

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