A field of wind turbines against a blue sky

DTEK Renewables plans to start construction of wind farms in Poltava region in 2025


DTEK Renewables has received technical specifications for connecting 650 MW of wind capacity to Ukraine’s power grid.

According to the company, the wind farm will be built on the territory of the Globynska territorial community in Poltava region. Construction is expected to begin in 2025.

A second weather mast has already been installed on the territory of the territorial community to conduct a wind monitoring campaign. Its height, like the first one, is 160 meters. It is the tallest of its kind in Ukraine.

Their task is to accurately assess the direction of wind flows and wind strength, as the wind farm will be located over a rather large area.

Ornithological studies are also ongoing. The report on the six-month monitoring of spring migration confirms that the preliminary wind turbine layout is correct and that they do not affect bird migration. The next step is to study autumn migration.

The company has started communication with land users to allocate land plots for the further placement of five 330 kV substations and wind turbines.

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