Українська вітрова турбіна

DTEK Renewables will build a 650 MW wind farm in Poltava region


DTEK Renewables has agreed and approved urban planning documentation at the local level to continue the implementation of the Poltava wind farm project.

The company has received a positive response from the architectural and urban planning council at the Department of Construction, Urban Development and Architecture, Housing and Energy of the Poltava Regional State Administration regarding the detailed plan of the territories.

The new power plant will have a capacity of 650 MW.

The area of land plots transferred for construction by the Globinske town community will be about 205 hectares. DTEK and the Hlobinsky City Council have agreed and signed land lease agreements and registered the lease rights in the State Register of Real Estate Rights.

Currently there are ornithological surveys and wind monitoring being conducted at the site of the future wind farm.

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