Energy will be produced at Chornivtsi landfill in Chernivtsi region

The Chernivtsi community in Bukovyna plans to generate electricity from garbage on the territory of the main landfill. A private company has built a plant there that will convert harmful solid waste emissions into electricity.

The private company plans to sell this energy at a green tariff to the state. The Chernivtsi community will receive 13% of the amount from each kilowatt of electricity produced.

The process of converting biogas into electricity is called degassing. It is the main requirement for the operation of landfills, as methane emissions can pollute the atmosphere. Large cities in Ukraine already have this experience in environmental protection and produce electricity through degassing.

The plant will start operating only when the contractor signs an agreement. If the company that will process the waste, Gratus Technology, does not start degassing after that, the contract will be terminated and a tender for a new contractor will be announced.

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