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Kyiv residents will be compensated up to UAH 300 thousand for independent energy sources


The Kyiv city budget will reimburse the cost of independent energy sources for buildings in the capital depending on their number of storeys.

The relevant decision was submitted to the Kyiv City Council on June 4, but Mayor Vitaliy Klitschko insultingly announced its adoption.

Until now, all condominiums/association of housing cooperatives/managers were entitled to receive compensation in the amount of 75% of the cost of the sources, but not more than UAH 80 thousand.

According to the new regulation, the maximum amount will be increased:

  • UAH 100 thousand for buildings up to 6 floors;
  • UAH 200 thousand for buildings with 7-16 floors;
  • UAH 300 thousand for buildings with 17 floors and more and with roof or built-in/attached boilers.

Compensation will be provided for gasoline, diesel, and gas generators, solar charging stations, inverters, etc. purchased for maintenance purposes.

Reimbursement is made after the purchase of the equipment, which requires submitting an application to the district state administration.

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