Alternative Energy Sources

Alternative energy sources are non-fossil energy sources, meaning they are not produced from fossil fuels such as coal, oil and natural gas. Alternative energy sources are renewable, that is, they can be used without depleting natural resources. Alternative energy sources include: Solar energy Wind energy Hydropower Geothermal energy Biomass Ocean energy Heat pumps Solar energy […]

The first solar power plant was launched in Kirovograd region

The region’s first photovoltaic solar power plant with a capacity of 0.783 MW is located in the village of Ivanivka, Novoukrainskyi district, and is already generating electricity. The plant is capable of generating 1.3 MWh of electricity, which will be supplied to the grid. The plant is capable of supplying electricity to the entire Novoukrainsky […]

Owners of solar panels in Ukraine are allowed to sell electricity

Starting from May 9, 2023, the National Regulatory Commission allowed both household and non-household electricity consumers to sell surplus electricity. Electricity produced by a generating facility or an energy storage facility can be sold. The seller can sell energy to anyone under a free contract and at a negotiated price. “This decision will help to […]

Energy Efficiency As a National Idea

On the 18th of November in Interfax Ukraine News Agency our ‘green’ platform Global 100% RE Ukraine held a press-conference ‘Energy Efficiency As a National Idea‘. Video by the link:  

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Conference “BIOMASS FOR ENERGY 2019” received support

Main topics: Strategy and policy issues. Bioenergy projects financing. Production of thermal and electric energy from solid biofuels and municipal solid waste: technologies and successful case studies. Biomass resources: production, pretreatment, supply, and logistics. Energy crops. Biogas: technologies and successful case studies. Organizers of the Conference: Bioenergy Association of Ukraine State Agency on Energy Efficiency […]