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Minnesota generates more than half of its electricity without carbon emissions for the fourth year in a row


In 2023, carbon-free energy generated 54% of Minnesota’s electricity. This is the fourth year in a row that carbon-free energy has generated the majority of the state’s electricity, as the national share of carbon-free energy in the United States is 41%.

The authors of the Minnesota Energy 2024 factsheet outline the main factors behind this success in the green transition.

Reducing carbon emissions

Carbon emissions from Minnesota’s energy sector have decreased by 54% since 2005, outpacing the national rate of 42%. In the past year alone, the state has achieved a 10% reduction in energy sector emissions.

Development of renewable energy

Renewables accounted for one-third of the state’s electricity generation in 2023.

Over the past five years, Minnesota has added 2.2 GW of renewable energy capacity, reducing its dependence on coal by 1.2 GW.

Increase in the number of electric vehicles

In 2023, there was a surge in electric vehicle registrations – 55% more than in 2022.

Development of hydrogen energy

In 2023, shipments of electrolyzers increased, including from Minnesota-based Cummins, thanks to incentives provided by the federal Inflation Reduction Act (IRA).

Energy productivity

Since 2001, Minnesota has improved energy productivity by 33% by emphasizing efficiency and innovation in energy use.

The Minnesota Energy 2024 fact sheet was published by the Clean Energy Economy Minnesota (CEEM) and the Business Council for Sustainable Energy (BCSE).

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