Solar panel installation to be taught in Khmelnytskyi

Khmelnytsky Vocational School No. 25 is planning to launch a new profession. They will train specialists in the installation of solar power plants. Students will be trained using equipment installed as part of the Solar Energy as a Component of the Educational Process project.

The solar station provides electricity to three classrooms and a corridor of the school. Its operation can be monitored in the app from your phone. The station has produced up to 100 kilowatt-hours, and these rooms consume 130.

This project was developed for the school by experts from the Khmelnytskyi Energy Cluster NGO. The money for the components, which is about 170 thousand hryvnias, was allocated by the NGO Ecodiya. The teachers and students of the school installed the power plant.

In November, vocational school No. 25 will also organize a free training course on installing solar stations.

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