UABIO calls on NEURC to pay off electricity producers using biomass and biogas

The Ukrainian Bioenergy Association has appealed to the National Energy and Utilities Regulatory Commission to settle payments to electricity producers under the “green” tariff using biomass and biogas as fuel. The Association posted a statement on its Facebook page. According to the statement, the level of payments by SE Guaranteed Buyer to electricity producers using […]

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Renewable energy could reach 31 TW by 2050

Bloomberg NEF has released a new Energy Outlook 2024, which analyzes how the world can still achieve the main goal of the Paris Agreement – to keep global warming below 2°C and avoid the worst effects of climate change. The authors of the Outlook emphasize that the speed of deployment of clean technologies and decarbonization […]

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A startup invested in by Bill Gates will receive additional $12.7 million for an “oval wind turbine”

The American startup AirLoom Energy plans to implement a new approach to wind energy. The idea started with a drawing on a napkin. Instead of placing massive turbines on top of 100-meter towers, the company attaches vertical blades to cables that run along an oval track just 25 meters (82 feet) above the ground. The […]

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RE-start to Berlin: Global 100 RE Ukraine took part in the URC2024 preparatory meeting

In preparation for the International Ukraine Recovery Conference (URC2024), representatives of specialized associations and businesses held an online discussion on German-Ukrainian cooperation in the field of renewable energy. The theses and ideas voiced at the meeting will be used to develop the URC2024 agenda. The event was organized by the German Renewable Energy Federation, Global […]

The NEURC has updated the electricity market price caps

The new price caps come into force on May 31. On the day-ahead and intraday markets Maximum price caps: from 00:00 to 07:00, from 11:00 to 17:00 – UAH 5600.00/MWh; from 07:00 to 11:00 and from 23:00 to 24:00 – 6900.00 UAH/MWh; from 17:00 to 23:00 – 9000.00 UAH/MWh. The minimum price ceiling is UAH […]


Global 100%RE Ukraine starts preparing for Ukraine Recovery Conference 2024

The Ukraine Recovery Conference (URC2024) is a series of annual high-level events dedicated to the rapid recovery and long-term reconstruction of Ukraine. The conferences have been held since the beginning of Russia’s full-scale aggression against Ukraine. This year’s Recovery Conference will be hosted by an EU member state for the first time. The platform will […]

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BIOMETHAVERSE: biogas sector is a win-win solution for reducing greenhouse gas emissions

According to the Bioenergy Association of Ukraine, the Third International Bulletin of the BIOMETHAVERSE project has been published. There is a place for Ukraine in this issue. Here are some interesting data. The world In 2022, biogas production in Europe amounted to 21 billion cubic meters, and biomethane production increased from 3.5 billion cubic meters […]

Chairman of the Board of Global 100RE Ukraine took part in the Biogas Workshop: Ukrainian Market, organized by the Embassy of Denmark

Oleksandr Dombrovsky, Chairman of the Board of Global 100RE Ukraine, President of MHP Eco Energy, took part in the Biogas Workshop: Ukrainian Market seminar organized by the Danish Embassy with the participation of the Ministry of Energy of Ukraine, the Danish Energy Agency and the Bioenergy Association of Ukraine. Oleksandr Dombrovsky spoke about the experience […]

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April 2024 was the hottest on record

Ukraine really needs a green transition. But the whole world needs it too. April 2024 was the hottest April on record. It continued 11-month series during which a temperature record was set every month. Each month since June 2023 is considered the hottest in the history of observations on the planet compared to the corresponding […]

Температура +50 за Цельсієм, спека

The Government has simplified the procedure for placing gas piston units at critical infrastructure facilities

According to Prime Minister Denys Shmyhal on his Telegram channel, these are installations necessary to ensure uninterrupted power supply to schools, hospitals and critical infrastructure facilities. Now, they can be installed without going through a number of licensing procedures. This will create a reserve of power in case of an emergency power outage and at […]

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DTEK Renewables will build a 650 MW wind farm in Poltava region

DTEK Renewables has agreed and approved urban planning documentation at the local level to continue the implementation of the Poltava wind farm project. The company has received a positive response from the architectural and urban planning council at the Department of Construction, Urban Development and Architecture, Housing and Energy of the Poltava Regional State Administration […]

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Microsoft invests over $10 billion in renewable energy to power data centers and artificial intelligence

Microsoft has signed an agreement to invest more than $10 billion in the development of renewable energy capacity to meet the growing demand for artificial intelligence and data centers. Under the agreement, Brookfield Asset Management will supply 10.5 gigawatts of renewable energy to Microsoft between 2026 and 2030 in the United States and Europe. The […]

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“MHP Eco Energy and UABIO together with British companies will improve algae biomethane production

The project “Production of advanced biomethane from microalgae grown on the digestate of biogas plants” by MHP Eco Energy and the Bioenergy Association of Ukraine won the “Innovate Ukraine – Support for Energy Recovery of Ukraine” competition. The project will be implemented by a consortium of Ukrainian and UK companies: University of Manchester (UK, administrative […]

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The state paid UAH 4.3 billion in arrears to RES producers for 2023

The State Enterprise ‘Guaranteed Buyer’ has paid UAH 4.3 billion to renewable energy producers for January–March, July and September 2023. According to the Ukrainian Wind Energy Association, the level of payment for 2023 is a record. For 2022, payments to renewable energy companies still amount to 55%, and for January–April 2024 – 72%. The UWEA […]

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Bioenergy Association of Ukraine will participate in Innovate Ukraine program

The UABIO project “Development of a business model for biomethane production in Ukraine” won the Innovate Ukraine competition – Supporting Ukraine’s Energy Recovery. The project will be implemented within two years by a consortium of companies from Ukraine and the UK: Marriott Davies Yapp LLP (UK), Rika Biofuel Developments LTD (UK), Regenerative Agriculture (Ukraine), SEC […]

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Minnesota generates more than half of its electricity without carbon emissions for the fourth year in a row

In 2023, carbon-free energy generated 54% of Minnesota’s electricity. This is the fourth year in a row that carbon-free energy has generated the majority of the state’s electricity, as the national share of carbon-free energy in the United States is 41%. The authors of the Minnesota Energy 2024 factsheet outline the main factors behind this […]

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NEURC increased budgets for electricity from alternative sources for SE Guaranteed Buyer

On April 30, the NEURC approved the cost of the service to ensure an increase in the share of electricity production from alternative energy sources provided by SE Guaranteed Buyer. The approved cost amount is as follows: – in January 2023 – UAH 432,110,619.39 (excluding VAT); – in February 2023 – UAH 1,050,577,585.13 (excluding VAT); […]

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How microgrids will help Ukraine to survive under shelling

Microgrids are small local power networks with internal generation facilities and the ability to switch to an “island” mode to meet their own needs autonomously. Why it is important The creation of distributed generation is only part of the task of decentralizing energy production (which is especially important in the context of the unprecedented destruction […]

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US study: offshore wind farms can attract fish

The U.S. Coast Guard Academy surveyed about 200 recreational fishermen about their views on the Block Island Wind Farm, the nation’s first offshore power plant operating off the coast of Rhode Island, the smallest U.S. state. The research team found a generally neutral or positive impact on recreational fishing. Many of the respondents believe that […]

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MHP has connected the first industrial energy storage system BESS to its network

BESS is a Battery Energy Storage System designed to accumulate, store and supply electricity to the grid. Its job is to maintain a stable and uninterrupted power supply. According to Alexander Dombrovsky, President of MHP Eco Energy, this is the first industrial energy storage system to be installed and connected to the company’s own grid. […]

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