The Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine has approved a resolution that expands the possibilities of exporting electricity from renewable energy sources to Europe


The Ministry of Energy of Ukraine continues its efforts to support and develop renewable energy generation. The Cabinet of Ministers approved a resolution drafted by the Ministry of Energy that allows the state-owned enterprise Guaranteed Buyer to sell electricity purchased from renewable energy producers not only on the domestic market but also on the European market. This will increase the efficiency of green electricity sales, reduce the amount of unloading by renewable energy producers in times of surplus, and improve the ability of Guaranteed Buyer to make payments to investors.

“Since the beginning of the great war, the enemy has occupied, damaged or destroyed about 50% of our energy infrastructure, including renewable energy sources. At the same time, in two years we have managed to add more than 600 MW of renewable energy capacities to the power system, which are important for balancing the system and at the same time an indicator of the correctness of our chosen path to clean energy development. That is why creating conditions for the development and support of renewable energy will be a priority for the state,” said Minister of Energy of Ukraine Herman Galushchenko.

Artem Nekrasov, Acting Director of SE Guaranteed Buyer, added that the opening of exports for the state-owned enterprise is a tool that enables the state to fulfill its obligations to investors in the field of renewable energy.

As a reminder, the Government has recently approved resolutions initiated by the Ministry of Energy on guarantees of origin of renewable electricity. The introduction of guarantees of electricity origin will significantly increase the export potential of Ukraine’s energy sector and help attract foreign investment in the construction of new “green” facilities, even in times of war. A resolution was also adopted to improve the auction model for the sale of “green” electricity, which will facilitate the transition to a new, competitive model of support for renewable energy, which will simultaneously ensure its development and reduce the price of “green” electricity.

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