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The EU will invest 25 billion euros of private investment in the development of the biomethane sector


According to the European Biogas Association (EBA), the European biomethane sector will receive 25 billion euros in private investment by 2030. This was reported by the Bioenergy Association of Ukraine on its Facebook page.

According to UABIO, the second edition of the Biomethane Investments Outlook predicts an additional 2.1 billion euros of investment in the future.

The investments will go to 950 new biomethane plants across Europe. Currently, there are 1300 such facilities in the EU.

What it will provide

  • 6.3 billion cubic meters of annual biomethane capacity on the continent.
  • Avoidance of about 29 million tons of CO2 emissions annually.
  • Providing energy from renewable sources to 5 million European households all year round.
  • Production of 830 thousand tons of fertilizers annually.

Which countries have the highest concentration of investments

  • Denmark – 3.6 billion euros.
  • Poland – 3.4 billion euros.
  • Italy – 2.4 billion euros.

In Denmark, the share of biomethane in the gas network is approaching 40%, and there are plans to increase this production to replace 100% of gas demand by 2030.

About the REPowerEU plan

Two years after the launch of the #REPowerEU plan, the industry is rapidly reaching its biomethane production target of 35 billion cubic meters by 2030.

Investment is crucial to unlock the full potential of biomethane production and optimize the construction of new plants across Europe.

Aligning the EU taxonomy with REPowerEU’s biomethane targets will channel capital into the sector. The EU taxonomy plays a crucial role in stimulating green investment, although challenges remain with the implementation of verification criteria.

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