BIOMETHAVERSE: biogas sector is a win-win solution for reducing greenhouse gas emissions


According to the Bioenergy Association of Ukraine, the Third International Bulletin of the BIOMETHAVERSE project has been published.

There is a place for Ukraine in this issue.

Here are some interesting data.

The world

In 2022, biogas production in Europe amounted to 21 billion cubic meters, and biomethane production increased from 3.5 billion cubic meters (in 2021) to 4.2 billion cubic meters, i.e. by 20%.

Currently, the installed capacity of biomethane production is 4.5 billion cubic meters. Production is provided by 1,323 biomethane plants in 24 European countries.

In line with the policy of reducing greenhouse gas emissions, the biogas sector is recognized as necessary to increase the sustainability of the system – a “win-win solution”.


In 2024, the second biomethane plant was built in Ukraine. This is a plant of VITAGRO ENERGY located in Khmelnytsky region. The raw material for biomethane production is crop residues (crop residues, straw) and livestock (cattle manure, chicken manure).

Ukrainian producers face many challenges inherent in new markets. These include unresolved legislation, unwillingness of officials to take responsibility for necessary decisions, lack of regulated procedures and answers to practical questions that arise.

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