Олександр Домбровський

Chairman of the Board of Global 100RE Ukraine took part in the Biogas Workshop: Ukrainian Market, organized by the Embassy of Denmark


Oleksandr Dombrovsky, Chairman of the Board of Global 100RE Ukraine, President of MHP Eco Energy, took part in the Biogas Workshop: Ukrainian Market seminar organized by the Danish Embassy with the participation of the Ministry of Energy of Ukraine, the Danish Energy Agency and the Bioenergy Association of Ukraine.

Oleksandr Dombrovsky spoke about the experience his company has gained over the years, its potential and achievements in the biogas sector. He also spoke about the challenges facing the Ukrainian energy system and the opportunities offered by biogas production for Ukraine in the process of its “green transition”.

Some facts about the Ukrainian biogas sector

  • Ukraine has the largest area of agricultural land in Europe. And, accordingly, it has one of the best biomethane production potentials in the world.
  • Our country can provide other market players with the cheapest raw materials for biogas production.
  • The structure of our agricultural enterprises is quite favorable for the introduction of biogas production.
  • Ukraine has a well-developed gas network, which is also a competitive advantage. At the same time, biomethane is ready to be fed into the grid, and no additional investment or modernization is required.
  • Biogas plants, in addition to biomethane, produce digestate, which can become the main fertilizer for restoring and maintaining the fertility of Ukrainian soils.
  • In total, three Ukrainian companies operating in the agricultural business presented their successful biogas projects at the seminar: MHP Eco Energy, VITAGRO, and Gals Agro Group.

In his speech, Danish Ambassador to Ukraine Ole Egberg Mikkelsen assured that Denmark is determined not only to support Ukraine with defense equipment, but also to maintain the sustainability of Ukraine’s energy system. According to him, biogas has a lot to do with Danish diplomacy and Danish-Ukrainian relations, as well as with the “green transition” that Denmark proudly advocates.

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