Cooperation between the Czech Republic and Ukraine in the field of hydrogen


Under the coordination of the Ukrainian Hydrogen Council, an important event took place that defines a new stage in the development of clean energy and the green future of Ukraine. The delegations of the Czech Republic and Ukraine gathered to strengthen their commitment to sustainable development and to start an important stage in hydrogen cooperation.
Oleksandr Dyachenko, Vice President of the Ukrainian Hydrogen Council, together with Polina Kazakevych, President of the Association, highlighted the main idea: the importance of working together towards a clean and sustainable energy future.

The main purpose of the meeting was to identify specific areas of cooperation, develop plans for joint research, technological innovation and investment opportunities in the field of hydrogen energy. Representatives of both countries expressed confidence that this partnership will be the foundation for innovative solutions, technological advances and economic growth, contributing to the common goal of making our planet cleaner and healthier.
The participants discussed the Central European Hydrogen Corridor initiative, which envisages the creation of a hydrogen “highway” to transport hydrogen from Ukraine through Slovakia and the Czech Republic to Germany. This is an important step in realizing the global goals of reducing greenhouse gas emissions and transitioning to low-carbon energy.

Particular attention was focused on the Hydrogen Valleys projects for the production of green hydrogen in Zakarpattia and Odesa region, which could become key contributions to this strategic initiative. Representatives of both sides emphasized their readiness to actively cooperate to implement projects aimed at developing hydrogen energy.

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