German-Ukrainian Green Business Dialogue organized by Global 100% Re Ukraine took place in Berlin


On the eve of the Ukraine Recovery Conference 2024 – URC2024, Global 100% Re Ukraine held a preparatory event in Berlin dedicated to renewable energy issues in the context of Ukraine’s recovery, the German-Ukrainian Green Business Dialogue.

The goal of the event is to bring together German and Ukrainian renewable energy companies and policy makers ahead of the Ukraine Recovery Conference, to make the renewable energy agenda visible to policy makers gathering at the URC, and to promote the renewable energy potential of Ukraine and ensure a green transformation in the recovery process.

In particular, the topics to be discussed include questions and proposals from renewable energy representatives for rebuilding Ukraine, which were raised at the preparatory online discussion in May (links in the comments). The sun, wind, biogas, energy storage systems – everything that can help us survive now and later come out of the war on a new, cleaner, more innovative, technological level.

“Today, together with the German Renewable Energy Federation, we have worked very practically in Berlin. We discussed what modern energy solutions Ukraine needs to restore its destroyed energy potential and prepare for the winter of 2024/25. How to quickly create distributed generation in Ukraine. What energy storage systems should be used. How to integrate solar and wind energy with modern smart grids. Green hydrogen, biogas, biomethane, green ammonium and methanol were the topics for discussion,” Oleksandr Dombrovsky, Chairman of the Board of Global 100% Re Ukraine, summarized on his Facebook page after the event.

Event organizers:

  • German Federation for Renewable Energy (BEE),
  • Global 100% RE Ukraine,
  • German-Ukrainian Energy Partnership, implemented by the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) on behalf of the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs, Trade and Climate Change (BMWK) in cooperation with the Ministry of Energy of Ukraine.

Moderator – Sandra Rostek, Head of Political Affairs, German Federation for Renewable Energy (BEE).

Foto: Axel Schmidt

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