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How microgrids will help Ukraine to survive under shelling

Renewable Energy Sources

Microgrids are small local power networks with internal generation facilities and the ability to switch to an “island” mode to meet their own needs autonomously.

Why it is important

The creation of distributed generation is only part of the task of decentralizing energy production (which is especially important in the context of the unprecedented destruction of Ukraine’s energy infrastructure by Russian shelling). The second part is the actual delivery of energy from distributed sources to the consumer.

The distribution networks of regional power distribution companies are not suitable for this – they are too powerful and were designed for other tasks. And this is where microgrids come in, able to meet the needs of a small community, university campus, or enterprise. And hold them until centralized supply is restored.

Types of microgrids by scale

This classification can hardly be called strict. All of it depends on the consumer it is aimed at. So, it may be:

  • a network of a settlement (from a village to a small town) or a territorial community;
  • a university campus network;
  • a network of a garden association or a cottage community;
  • internal networks of condominiums;
  • internal networks of enterprises.

A microgrid must have…

  • …internal generation (solar power plants, wind farms, generators, gas turbines, etc.);
  • …means of energy accumulation and storage;
  • …means of switching to the “island” mode.

Good news: what is already available

First, modern technologies even now offer fairly simple and affordable solutions. For example, hybrid inverters that can switch between “island” and normal modes and manage batteries, use solar panels, and run gas/petrol generators. And this, of course, is not the only solution.

Secondly, small networks are available to connect all the elements – buildings, residential complexes, settlements, and enterprises.

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