wind and solar pamels and a high-voltage line - an example of distributed generation

How to launch destributed generation in Ukraine


The Kremlin’s shelling of Ukraine’s energy infrastructure has demonstrated its extreme vulnerability to such attacks. We risk entering the winter without the usual power generation. Distributed generation can be a way out of the critical situation.

We have to move away from the usual centralized power system. We need to use all the capacities we have throughout the country, combining them into a single network.

The world has no experience of solving such problems in such critical circumstances – during the war.

We see a comprehensive and, most importantly, strategic solution in the development of distributed generation based on domestically produced natural gas, biogas, and renewable energy sources using modern mobile energy storage systems and smart grids. Wind and solar power plants, cogeneration systems, heat pumps – these and other modern solutions will help Ukraine get through the critical period.

In an article for Ekonomichna Pravda, leading industry experts Oleksander Dombrovsky, Georgii Geletukha and Volodymyr Kramar describe in detail the aspects and philosophy of distributed generation implementation: available sources of shunting generation, global experience, advantages, disadvantages and barriers to distributed generation, action plan for its implementation, etc.

The full article is available here.

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