Олександр Домбровський та партнери біля BESS

MHP has connected the first industrial energy storage system BESS to its network


BESS is a Battery Energy Storage System designed to accumulate, store and supply electricity to the grid. Its job is to maintain a stable and uninterrupted power supply.

According to Alexander Dombrovsky, President of MHP Eco Energy, this is the first industrial energy storage system to be installed and connected to the company’s own grid.

“The system will be integrated with a 1 MW hybrid rooftop solar station and will be able to operate in off-grid mode. This project has been implemented to operate in our own grid for the needs of our company,” said Dombrovsky.

The project involved the teams of MSP (UK), Voltage Group (Ukraine), and MHP Eco Energy (Ukraine).

The equipment was installed and configured online using innovative Smart Glasses technology. Using special virtual glasses, specialists in the UK remotely controlled the operations in Ukraine.

According to the president of MHP Eco Energy, new and very important project steps will be completed in the near future to create new distributed generation hub projects that are important both for the company and for Ukraine as a whole.

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