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NEURC joined the Association of Green Energy Issuing Bodies


On May 30, 2024, by the decision of the General Assembly of the Association of Issuing Bodies (AIB), Ukraine, represented by NEURC, became an official member of the Association.

“This is a key step for the launch of the Ukrainian system of guarantees of origin of ‘green’ electricity in accordance with the EU principles and rules. Joining the AIB is also a condition for international trade in guarantees of origin and further recognition of Ukrainian guarantees in the European Union and the Energy Community,” the NEURC said.

The NEURC’s integration into AIB is an important element in the development of cooperation within the context of integration processes in the energy markets and Ukraine’s European integration.

“From today, a new stage of the Regulator’s work on the creation of the Ukrainian system of guarantees of origin begins. At this stage, our system will go through the mandatory procedural requirements of the AIB, in particular, an audit for compliance with the European Energy Certificate System (EECS) and the CEN 16325 standard,” the NEURC said.

The Association of Issuing Bodies is an international institution that has been supporting the implementation of the renewable energy origin guarantee mechanism in Europe since its inception. The organization brings together national authorized bodies in Europe responsible for the circulation of guarantees of origin of green electricity and renewable gases, including green hydrogen.

More information about the Association is available on the AIB website.

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