On December 8, 2023, an international conference “National Challenge: Soil Degradation or Restoration of Soil Fertility?” was held.

For the 4th year in a row, Global 100% RE Ukraine together with BTU-Center has been organizing this event to create a practically effective cooperative platform for finding and implementing strategic measures to restore soil fertility.
This year’s focus was on restoring soil fertility affected by military actions.
14 speakers, 7 hours of broadcast, over 400 registrations.
Key theses of this year’s conference:
Today, Ukrainian land users face many challenges, one of which is the decline in soil fertility.
In addition to the impact of Russia’s cynical military aggression, the agricultural sector has faced an equally threatening phenomenon – climatic anomalies that have a catastrophic impact on the productivity of our soils.
Every year, millions of hectares of land in the world become unusable, which in turn leads to future local conflicts over resources, such as land and water.
There is still a tendency in the world to prioritize quick profits over the long-term perspective of land use. And unfortunately, Ukraine is no exception.
Oleksandr Dombrovsky, Chairman of the Board of Global 100% RE Ukraine and President of MHP Eco Energy, spoke about MHP’s efforts to preserve soil fertility.
“As a company, MHP is working to restore and increase soil fertility:
We use ameliorants (lime or sugar beet pulp);
As a responsible producer, we use organic fertilizers, which are available in sufficient quantities thanks to our strong livestock and poultry production base.
MHP has been building its business on the circular economy model for several years. In this model, chicken manure and dung are valuable raw materials for the production of green energy and organic fertilizers. In addition, we are constantly working with foreign partners to improve our own processes and introduce advanced technologies.
A few years ago, we set ourselves an extremely ambitious goal of 100% decarbonized production, and step by step we are moving towards this goal despite all the factors.”
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