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SEAU calls on the Cabinet of Ministers not to disconnect SPPs from the grid


The Solar Energy Association of Ukraine calls on the government to use each available kilowatt of power efficiently and to stop the practice of disconnecting existing solar power plants from the grid.

The Association published a corresponding petition on its Facebook page.

Here is the full text of the petition:

“With the constant shortage of electricity, it is necessary to use every available kilowatt of power efficiently. Home solar power plants could help the power grid this summer and provide electricity to many neighbors. However, they are constantly disconnected from the grid!

The situation is the same for solar power plants at enterprises that were built for their own production, but because of the outages, they cannot supply the surplus to the Ukrainian power grid.

Also, micro-generation – “solar power plants for apartments” – requires an urgent solution. It is necessary to simplify the rules for supplying electricity to the grid for “balcony SPPs” as much as possible by setting a grid output limit of 600 watts, as in the EU countries. This is the closest generation to the consumer, and only legislative norms stop its development in Ukraine.

Due to the situation, the SEAU has submitted a petition to the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine, where it described proposals to solve this problem.

We invite everyone who shares the SEAU’s position to sign the petition for the Government to consider the proposed solutions – https://petition.kmu.gov.ua/petitions/6617“.

These days, SEAU is representing Ukraine at the largest international solar energy exhibition InterSolar 2024 in Munich. The Ukrainian stand is decorated in national colors with a stylized embroidered shirt ornament. You can find it at booth #159 in Hall A3.

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