The first wind turbine of the future wind farm was installed on the border of Lviv and Zakarpattia regions

Friendly Windtechnology LLC has completed the installation of the first wind turbine of the Ostrovsky wind farm, which will be located on the territory of the Nyzhnevoritskaya community on the border of Lviv and Zakarpattia regions. The 4.8 MW wind turbine is 120 meters high and has a 152-meter rotor diameter.

The area for the construction of the first wind farm in Nyzhni Vorota is half a hectare. No new road was built to the construction site.

“The social partnership agreement concluded between Ostrovsky Wind Park and Nyzhni Vorota community provides for 3% of the income from electricity sales to be allocated to the community budget. In annual equivalent, this means almost one and a half million hryvnias for roads, schools, kindergartens, and sports facilities. And this is the amount from the generation of only one wind turbine; upon completion of the wind farm construction, this figure will be multiplied by the number of installed wind turbines,” the company informs.

The 4.8 MW wind turbine has a height of 120 m and a 152-meter rotor diameter

The project to build a wind farm in the Carpathians is being implemented by Wind Parks of Ukraine LLC. The total installed capacity of the planned wind farm will be 80 MW. The company notes that the amount of electricity generated by the wind farm will be enough to supply almost 50 thousand households annually.

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