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The state paid UAH 4.3 billion in arrears to RES producers for 2023


The State Enterprise ‘Guaranteed Buyer’ has paid UAH 4.3 billion to renewable energy producers for January–March, July and September 2023.

According to the Ukrainian Wind Energy Association, the level of payment for 2023 is a record. For 2022, payments to renewable energy companies still amount to 55%, and for January–April 2024 – 72%.

The UWEA notes that the high level of payment for 2023 became possible due to the NEURC’s approval of the cost of the service to increase the share of electricity from renewable sources on April 30, 2024. It was this decision that allowed NPC Ukrenergo to transfer funds to SE Guaranteed Buyer to pay for the approved service. In addition, the funds to repay the debt came directly from payments by RES producers for services to settle the share of imbalances and the cost of deviations of the balancing group of the Guaranteed Buyer.

At the same time, the Association notes that there are currently no resources to repay the remaining debts. And it is necessary to resolve the debt crisis in the energy market to restore both damaged energy capacities and stimulate the development of new distributed generation. Therefore, the Government, the Ministry of Energy of Ukraine and the NEURC should continue to work on finding financial sources and ways to improve the liquidity of the electricity market to prevent the deterioration of the debt situation.

Earlier, the NEURC approved the cost of the service to ensure an increase in the share of electricity production from alternative energy sources provided by SE ‘Guaranteed Buyer’.

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