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Three hospitals in Kryvyi Rih will become more autonomous thanks to ESCO solar power plants


The city authorities of Kryvyi Rih received solar panels through a grant back in 2023. However, the community did not have sufficient funding to complete and install them. This was reported by the Solar Energy Association of Ukraine on its Facebook page.

As the Association explains, sometimes communities receive solar panels as a grant, but do not have enough funding to complete and install them. Therefore, the model of “in-depth ESCO partnership”, when part of the project is carried out by ESCO companies, may become widespread.

This time, the necessary work was carried out by UNDP Ukraine (United Nations Development Program in Ukraine) together with ASEU specialists.

The Association’s member companies performed the following tasks on a pro bono basis:

  • Conducted a detailed technical inspection of all facilities for the installation of solar panels;
  • Developed a report outlining the current state and the required list of works;
  • We have drawn up schemes for the placement of PV modules;
  • Provided recommendations on the placement of inverters.

The city announced tenders in February 2024, and in April successfully signed energy service contracts for three hospitals to install 25, 30, and 40 kW of solar power plants.

The expected energy savings range from 10 to 24% and will amount to UAH 1.2 million per year. One of the SPPs has already been installed, and the other two are scheduled to be launched in June-July.

The “in-depth ESCO partnership” model, which involves joint financing of energy efficiency measures between the city and the ESCO company, will allow the city to receive most of the savings already during the contract period.

The city’s contribution will be solar panels, and the contribution of potential ESCO companies will be the design, completion (cables, inverters) and installation of the solar power plant.


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