Ukrainian Hydrogen Council participated in Energy Week Black Sea 2024

The Ukrainian Hydrogen Council took part in the Black Sea Energy Week 2024 in Bucharest, Romania.

“I never get tired of talking about the important role of hydrogen and Ukraine’s advantages for its production,” said Oleksandr Repkin. “Green hydrogen is at the center of our path to a sustainable energy future. Its potential for decarbonizing various sectors is unprecedented.”

Ukraine is one of the key players in the European Hydrogen Strategy, which has a huge potential for the production and export of green hydrogen. According to him, Ukraine is demonstrating its readiness to implement green hydrogen and be a leader in innovative renewable energy solutions.

Mr. Repkin highlighted two revolutionary pilot projects: Large-scale hydrogen valleys in western Ukraine and Odesa region. These projects, he said, demonstrate the technical feasibility of green hydrogen production, its economic feasibility and potential for scaling.

Energy Week Black Sea is an important platform for promoting dialogue, cooperation and investment in renewable energy development in the Black Sea region. With the participation of representatives from Romania, Bulgaria, Moldova, Georgia, Turkey and Ukraine, the event facilitates important discussions aimed at supporting sustainable energy development.

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