Soil degradation is not only a national but also a global challenge ❗️

On December 9, the 2nd online conference “National Challenge: Soil Degradation or Restoration of Fertility” was held with the support of Organic Ukraine, BTU – CENTER, MHP, MIM Business School and our “green” platform Global 100% RE Ukraine.

During 5 hours, representatives of science, business and government together sought real practical solutions to address the issue of restoring soil fertility.

Olexandr Dombrovsky, Chairman of the Board of our platform, during his speech noted that it is very important that the conference becomes traditional, because the issues to which it is devoted, are becoming more and more urgent.

He recalled how a year ago the conference organizers thought about the title and whether the words about the “national challenge” were too loud. “Now that I’m back from Glasgow, I can say with confidence – NO! This is not just a national, but a global challenge! ”Said Mr. Dombrovskyi.

Olexandr Dombrovskyi also said that during his speech in Glasgow this year, he focused on 2 theses:

1. We must feed the world.

2. We must save the planet. 🌍